CRM in a Nutshell

The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) is a neuro-biological trauma treatment incorporating parts work, breathing exercises, guided meditations, somatic work, attachment repair and aspects of Brainspotting. This modality is deeply holistic, tending to your emotions, brain, body, heart and spirit.


With the continuous support of layered or “nested” resources, clients find they can revisit previously unbearable painful memories without retraumatization. When our young wounded parts feel seen, protected and supported, they allow for deeper access to the core issues and traumas that may have led to defense mechanisms and addictions later on in life. 


Resources taught in CRM sessions include:

  • 7 breathing exercises to promote feeling grounded, clear, nurtured and relaxed.
  • Sacred place meditation to access strength and support from nature.
  • Building an internal light grid to feel centered.
  • Attachment wound repair and increased connection between adult self and wounded young part(s).
  • Using your imagination to develop a strong relationship with a power animal, element of nature or spiritual figure, helping you feel loved, supported and protected in session and out of session.
  • Eye positions, toning, languaging and sacred geometry to anchor in the positive resources. 


These scaffolded and layered positive resources promote feelings of safety, strength and support, helping you develop a new perspective on painful past events and relationships.


The new understanding that you can step safely into an impossibly painful memory helps the brain reconsolidate that memory differently. When before the brain might have associated a painful memory with feeling isolated, rejected and broken, the brain will now recall the painful memory along with a new sense of belonging, healthy attachment, support and strength. And as traumatic memories become less distressing, more space is created for positive self-beliefs and new insights to arise.


How Long are Sessions?


Extended sessions of 1 1/2 hours are recommended (but not necessary) for CRM to allow you to delve more deeply into the processing and therefore heal more quickly.

Sessions beyond 55 minutes are not covered by insurance. Depending on the severity of your experiences and your diagnosis, your symptoms may resolve in as few as 8 sessions, or as long as a year or more.


Learn more about CRM by clicking Here.


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