Curious about how hypnotherapy can help you heal negative emotions, behaviors, and beliefs about yourself, while strengthening your spiritual connections?

Hypnotherapy can a great way to release tension and anxiety from your body and mind and to absorb more positive ways of thinking, feeling and being in the world. Since my training in hypnotherapy is trauma-focused, we can delve deep into the subconscious. However because it can be very deep work, I am not able to see clients for brief hypnotherapy work at this time. Regularly scheduled therapy clients can benefit from hypnotherapy on it's own, or even combined with EMDR and parts work. Longer sessions are advised, so we have plenty of time to help you achieve a deep trance state.


Common Questions About Hypnotherapy/Trancework


Q: Yes, but will you make me quack like a duck? I'm afraid I'd feel too out of control!

A: Many people have only experienced stage hypnosis, where they watch hypnotized people do all sorts of humiliating things like quack like a duck, pretend to a karate master, eat an onion after being told it’s an apple, etc. Rest assured none of these will happen. When hypnosis is used therapeutically, it is used for the benefit of a client’s highest good; we will work only on the issue you’d like to work on, you will always feel in control, and you can come out of trance at any time. 



Q: What types of issues can hypnotherapy help me with?

A: Many issues, including but not limited to:

  • Anxieties, including performance anxiety.
  • Chronic pain and emotions connected to it.
  • Feelings of low self-worth.
  • Unhealthy habits.
  • Difficulty connecting with higher self or spiritual self.


Q: What does it feel like, to be in trance?

A: It feels very similar to being in a deep, relaxed meditation. As it turns out, we go into and out of varying levels of trance throughout the day--from the time we wake up to the time we fall asleep. For example, driving, watching tv, listening to music, and watching raindrops on a window pane may all put us into a light trance state. During session, your attention will become more inwardly focused as you pay attention to thoughts, emotions and memories, and can therefore experience these more vividly than you would in a more wakeful state. Since your mind is in a more open and relaxed state, it becomes easier for it to accept and incorporate new, more positive thoughts and beliefs.


Q: Can I explore my past lives with you as well as my current one?

A: Yes! I am a certified PLSR therapist. Check out my PLSR page to learn more about this exciting and deeply healing therapy.


Email me now at m.young@creativejourneyscounseling.com to set up a complimentary phone consultation to learn how hypnotherapy can help you!


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