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Together, we can identify challenges you are currently experiencing, explore ways in which they might be linked to painful experiences in the past, and support you as you change your life in the ways most meaningful to you. My goal as your therapist is to focus on supporting you and the way that you individually experience your life. 


Using techniques from EMDR Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Guided Visualization, Sandtray Therapy, Virtual-Reality Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Parts Work and Hypnotherapy, I will help you learn to utilize coping skills which will allow your social and emotional worlds to become more balanced, joyful and confident. In addition to supporting your mental and emotional health, I will help you to seek more balance in all significant areas of your life, including your sleeping and eating patterns, your physical health, your love-life and other relationships, your work-life balance, and your spirituality.



Relationship support:

One reason clients seek therapy is for help with improving their part in their relationship with their spouse/partner. In addition to your other goals for therapy, we can work on your communication skills, supporting you in setting healthy boundaries, and advocating for your needs. If you are experiencing high conflict or abuse (verbal, emotional or physical) in your relationship, I will strongly encourage you to seek couples counseling with a neutral couples therapist in addition to individual counseling (and I am happy to give you resources and referrals for couples therapists).




Depending on your preference and learning style, our work might take place through traditional talk therapy, EMDR (alone or combined with Sandplay or Hypnosis), therapeutic art (no art experience required), Virtual Reality Therapy, Sandplay/sandtray therapy (using sand and figurines and symbolic objects to bring your inner thoughts, worries and dreams to light) and Journaling/Writing Therapy. I occasionally assign homework assignments as well, to encourage you to think about and practice what we have discussed in session.


Examples of Sandplay/sand-tray sessions:

  • Exploring your different parts: how they came to be, what they need, and how they serve you
  • Working through issues in which you feel stuck or ambivalent
  • Current and past family dynamics
  • Role-playing, using figurines and symbols to safely explore different points of view
  • Practicing hard conversations
  • Your thoughts, dreams, wishes and fears around a specific issue
  • Combine EMDR and bilateral stimulation with Sandplay Therapy for profound healing, and emotional and spiritual growth


EMDR- Click here to learn more about this effective therapy, which can help you to process and clear stuck emotions around triggers and painful experiences. It is hard work, but so worth it!



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Hours for psychotherapy:

Mon-Wed 10:00-4:00


Hours for PLSR: Thursdays 10:00-3:30


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