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 Maggie Young 

LCSW, EMDRIA (EMDR) Certified Therapist, Registered Play Therapist,

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Sandplay Therapist, PLSRT

Hello, and welcome to Creative Journeys Counseling, where I support adult and kiddo clients with EMDR, Sandplay, Play Therapy, and more. Now offering in-person sessions for people who are fully vaccinated!


Are you, or is your child struggling with PTSD, C-PTSD, anxiety, self-criticism, sadness, compassion fatigue, or painful memories and triggers that just won't go away? Or maybe you are feeling disconnected from who and where you'd most like to be in your life.


Complications arising from divorce, trauma, unhealthy life and relationship patterns, adoption, and concerns with coming out as LGBTQIA+ and transitioning are just some of the reasons people seek out a mental health therapist. 


Difficulties from childhood, unhealthy past relationships, past life stressors and loss can continue to impact your emotional well-being in the present moment. These past events can continue to influence the way you think and feel, the way you interact with others, and your ability to be successful in your life.


A more joyful, balanced and confident life is possible, and whether you are new to therapy, or have had mental health therapy in the past, it is never too late to heal. You don't need to continue to carry around the heavy grief, trauma and negative beliefs you've been carrying, even if you've been carrying them forever. There are techniques, such as EMDR and parts work, that can be used to effectively integrate and heal past hurts. Your nervous system, your body, your emotions and your mind can truly feel the relief of not having to carry that load anymore, and that is an awesome, freeing feeling.


As a trauma-focused psychotherapist who's helped hundreds of struggling children and adults in the past thirteen years, I feel confident that I can help support you on your own journey. My approach is empathic, gently challenging and creative. I am a queer-affirming, transgender-affirming and non-binary-affirming therapist, so no matter who you are, my goal is for you to feel safe, comfortable and validated. 


Unlike relying on self-help books, online articles and social media to feel better, I can give you a personable, warm and integrative approach, specific to you and your family's needs. Your history, your personality and your values are unique, so your therapy should be too! 


People who seek counseling with me often report that they have learned to:

  • Develop more compassion for themselves and for others.
  • Rely on healthier coping skills when times are tough.
  • Understand that their reactions to others are just part of a coping mechanism that doesn't serve them now but was once brilliantly useful.
  • Accept and appreciate all parts of themselves, because they can see how those parts have tried to protect and serve them. 
  • Process and clear painful experiences and triggers-- memories that used to cause a high level of emotional and physical distress now feel like just another memory.


As you search for the right therapist to support you and/or your family, it is important to find someone you can trust, feel safe with, and who can help you make lasting changes. If you are ready to do the work and think I may be the right fit for you, I would be honored to support you--so that you can live a happier, balanced and more connected life.

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